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Whittlesea Lodge offers a wide range of services to our residents including:

Personal Care

Whittlesea Lodge provides a range of skilled Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Personal Care Workers willing to assist residents with their activities of daily living. Trained and experienced staff members consult with residents and their families to ensure that personalised care needs are met at all times.

Our staff members carry out their duties carefully, diligently, and professionally, with ongoing attention and consideration towards maintaining residents’ privacy and dignity. All resident files are confidential, and only relevant carers have access to information contained in the files.

At Whittlesea Lodge we provide 24 hour care, seven days a week. This means that there are always qualified staff members available to assist with resident needs at any time of the day or night.

Training requirements are regularly assessed to ensure staff skills remain current.

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Some of the services in more detail:

Allied Health Professionals

Whittlesea Lodge has visiting Local Medical Practitioners as well as an extensive range of Allied Health Professional Services available, both an a periodic basis and as individually required by our residents. In addition to these we encourage residents to please consult our Facility Manager if you would like to access other health services that are specific to your needs.


Physiotherapy is a key part of our care. Each resident is assessed by our regular physiotherapist to ensure optimum levels of mobility and dexterity are achieved. Physiotherapy plays an integral role in assisting our residents to remain as mobile and as free from pain as possible.


Our on-site Podiatrist consults with residents to promote and maintain foot health, skin integrity, and maximise mobility for all residents.


We have an on-call massage therapist specialised in providing remedial massage to the elderly and can be booked by appointment as required by residents.


All medication and treatments are ordered through a wholesale Pharmacy. Whilst the Pharmacy provides all branded medication, it is also conscious about supplying the most cost-effective choice of medication via dispensing the generic equivalent brand, where applicable and as desired.


Our visiting dietitian monitors individual diets and residents requiring additional supplementation for dietary problems to ensure they receive adequate nourishment and hydration. The seasonal menu is reviewed on a regular basis by our visiting nutritionist.

Pastoral Visits

Local church representatives attend the Lodge to conduct regular church services and visit individual residents upon request.

Speech Pathologist

Our speech pathologist visits to assess and review individual residents experiencing any swallowing difficulty.


The mobile dentist visits annually.


Our highly experienced hairdresser conducts all haircuts, lady’s perms, colouring and blow waves in the comfort of our fully equipped in house Hair Salon.

Newspaper & Magazine Delivery

Our local newsagent delivers newspapers and magazines every morning.


The mobile library visits monthly enabling residents to choose books straight from the library shelves.


All commercial linen is laundered off-site whilst all personal clothing and linen is laundered in-house.


All Chefs and Catering staff are highly trained in food hygiene and safety, ensuring the delivery of quality, tasty meals to our residents. Fresh, wholesome meals are cooked on site daily. The Nutritionist approved menu rotates on a four weekly basis according to seasons with individual food preferences taken into account.

Visiting Hours

Relatives and friends are encouraged to visit loved ones and to be part of the Whittlesea Lodge community. However, as a courtesy to residents' and their need for routine, we prefer to welcome visitors from mid-morning.

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Our Services

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